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Warren Ellis’s victory lap? A few thoughts on Avengers: Endless Wartime

You can see Warren Ellis’s Authority in almost every big superhero team story that Marvel has produced in the last 10 years or more. Even though Ellis himself has barely been writing superheroes lately, his “voice” is everywhere, echoing through the words of all of these writers. His strong influence still resonates in comics like Hickman’s Avengers, Gillen and McKelvie’s Young Avengers and in movies like Iron Man3. Through The Authority, Ellis defined the modern approach to superhero comics. The problem is that all of those lessons have been absorbed by today’s Marvel writers.

Parents just don’t understand– Jupiter’s Legacy #1

Mark Millar and Frank Quitely take us to the early days of the Great Depression, when Americans were looking for some kind of meaning after the Stock Market crash. For a small group of patriots led by Sheldon Sampson, that meant travelling the world to follow a compulsion. Drawn to a distant African island, Millar and Quitely don’t show us anything that happens on the island but but they leave us with these words: “Superheroes were the summit of American aspiration and so our children grew up to remind mankind of everything we could ever hope to be.” It’s the hope and dream of superheroes.