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Now playing @ Newsarama: Uncanny Avengers #13 by Remender and Acuña

Like his run on Uncanny X-Force, Remender has an almost Claremontian interest in these characters on a personal level that gets in the way of any forward momentum that the book has. This issue feels stuck in the same place this storyline has been since it began. Acuña’s artwork, a rich, painterly style applied over a heavily inked base, continues to be rich and delicious. Acuña taps into Remender’s motivations for both the heroes and the villains, creating a dark labyrinth of humor, conflicted characters and twisted souls.

Now playing– reviews of Uncanny Avengers #2 and Multiple Warheads #2

If there is any one thing you need to enjoy in Brandon Graham’s Multiple Warheads: Alphabet to Infinity #2 (and there really are many things,) you’ve got to fall in love with Brandon Graham’s line. His free flowing line leads you through a tale of young lovers and bounty hunters. Graham’s road stories, one of the two lovers trying to find a new life and the other about a bounty hunter trying to complete her job, have lines and drawings that want you to read them. The beauty about Graham’s artwork is how clean and easy it is, guiding you through the story even as Graham throws in oddities that would muddy up almost any other story.