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Now @ Newsarama- Best Shots Rapid review of Sex Criminals #4

It only stands to reason that if there are sex criminals that there have to be sex cops but sex bus drivers? O.k., that last one sounds all kinds of wrong but then Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky are all kinds of wrong. Dom-Rom comedies? Inflatable Humpkin? There are panels in this comic that you just shouldn’t try to zoom in on your iPad because you’ll just get lost in all of the fun, dirty jokes that they hide in the details of the panels.

@Newsarama– Satellite Sam #1 and Elephantmen #50

Satellite Sam #1 is a slightly paradoxical comic because it wears its influences on its sleeve. And that influence just happens to be drawing this comic. Fraction, like a whole generation of comic creators and readers, has grown up reading Howard Chaykin comics. It’s a bit scary to think that someday someone should do a study on just how Chaykin books like American Flagg!, The Shadow and Black Kiss has warped the minds of everyone who read those books at ages when they probably shouldn’t have. This comic reads like a love letter to those Chaykin comics as Fraction introduces these strange little perversions into the lives of his character.