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Now at Sound on Sight: In Miracleman #1, Alan Moore Shows Us Dreams and Reality

You know all of those 1980s comics that “changed the way we looked at superhero comic books forever:? Before any of them, there was Miracleman by Alan Moore and Garry Leach. Using a Captain Marvel wannabe (the old Fawcett Captain Marvel, not the Marvel Captain Marvel- it’s all very confusing) from the 1950s, Moore and Leach’s 1982 revival of Miracleman (actually called Marvelman but there are whole histories written about that) began the oh-so popular trend of making our superheroes “more realistic.” Moore, a young writer at that time, brought the superhero into the real world of nuclear terrorists and troubled marriages. In Miracleman #1, a reporter named Mike Moran dreams of outer space and colorfully clad men and boys flying out among the stars. A press conference at a local nuclear facility seems like an everyday part of the job for Mike until it is overran by a group of thieves looking to steal some plutonium. Disoriented and dragged outside by the thieves, Mike looks up at a plaque on a wall and tries to read the only word that makes any sense to him, “Kimota.” That word changes everything for Mike and the world he lives in.

Now @ Sound on Sight- Kevin Maguire Blasts Into Space in Guardians of the Galaxy #10

A lot of writers talk about writing with their artist in mind but in Guardians of the Galaxy #10, you can see just how Brian Michael Bendis slightly changes up his storytelling in this issue to perfectly suit his guest artist Kevin Maguire. Featuring his second “girls night out” story in recent weeks (see also Uncanny X-Men #15,) Bendis shows Gamora, the deadliest woman in the galaxy, teaming up with Angela, a mystery wrapped in a lawsuit-sized enigma, tracking down the now missing Thanos and also fighting a bunch of Badoon slavers. The plot is what it is- a fun character piece to show these two warrior women bonding but the star of the issue is Kevin Maguire as Bendis writes a story that’s perfectly tailored to showcase Maguire’s artwork.

Now playing @ Newsarama: Uncanny Avengers #13 by Remender and Acuña

Like his run on Uncanny X-Force, Remender has an almost Claremontian interest in these characters on a personal level that gets in the way of any forward momentum that the book has. This issue feels stuck in the same place this storyline has been since it began. Acuña’s artwork, a rich, painterly style applied over a heavily inked base, continues to be rich and delicious. Acuña taps into Remender’s motivations for both the heroes and the villains, creating a dark labyrinth of humor, conflicted characters and twisted souls.

Waid x Snyder

In this age of crisises, reboots and wholesale continuity whitewashes to attempt course correction on characters, Mark Waid has revitalized Daredevil, getting the character out from underneath Frank Miller’s shadow without invalidating a single issue of the last 30 years.…