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“Gramps says we’re only as sick as our secrets”- The Private Eye #3

Brian K. Vaughan and Marcos Martin’s Los Angeles. isn’t populated by people walking around, hoping to be recognized but by people who wear masks, disguise their voices and praying to their gods that no one knows who they really are. Vaughan and Martin aren’t interested in a Los Angeles that’s made up of cults of personalities or people wanting to be celebrities but by people who know and have experienced the follies of secrets. That’s the background of The Private Eye, the story of an eponymously initialed P.I. (real name unknown) who has been hired to discover just what secrets could be exposed in his client’s past. When she’s discovered killed in her apartment, all signs point to P.I. as either the killer or the man who knows her secrets that she was killed for

“… but maybe we’d be forgotten.” – Saga Volume 2

In their first volume of Saga, Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples showed us the couple we would end up unable to imagine apart, Alana and Marko. Lovers from opposite sides of an intergalactic war, we witnessed the birth of their daughter Hazel and everything they went through to try and escape the civilizations that wanted to tear them apart because they were born on different planets. All of the struggle in that first book is about keeping this new family together. The book read like the race against time it was as Vaughan and Staples introduced us to these men and women, soldiers and pacifists, killers and parents, lovers and ghosts that we had never seen before. That first book demonstrated just how much these two crazy kids should be together so, defying expectations, Vaughan and Staples do everything they can in the second volume to keep Marko and Alana apart.

Watching for lies– thoughts on The Private Eye by Vaughan & Martin

Facebook. Twitter. Linked In. Blogs. Webcams. TMZ. There’s no such things as privacy anymore. Everyone knows everything about everyone else. Imagine if that was gone tomorrow and everything we’ve come to consider as “real” about the internet just went poof. What if we all had our privacy back and then the true power in the world become the people who knew how to discover the secrets? Patrick Immelmann, a codeword as much as it is an alias, is one of those people. Even worse, he’s the paparazzi, taking pictures and tracking down old loves from the bushes outside of high rise apartments. It’s a risky job but when a woman comes to Patrick, wanting him to discover what secrets are hidden in her closet, Brian K. Vaughan and Marcos Martin dance with every private eye movie cliche even the world they play in looks nothing like those old black and white movies.

Waid x Snyder

In this age of crisises, reboots and wholesale continuity whitewashes to attempt course correction on characters, Mark Waid has revitalized Daredevil, getting the character out from underneath Frank Miller’s shadow without invalidating a single issue of the last 30 years.…