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@ Sound on Sight- thoughts on the finale of Marvel’s Infinity

There’s this huge battle that’s at the center of this issue, but really so little depends on who is triumphant, whether it’s Thanos, the Hulk, Thor or any of the other Avengers. The real struggle for victory is done through the sly machinations of Maximus, Black Bolt’s brother, and the Ebony Maw as he whispers his half truths into Thane’s ear. The fight between the Avengers and Thanos is actually just a backdrop for these true displays of power and cunning. There’s the power to destroy worlds, and then there is the power to make those worlds dance on your strings. Maximus and Ebony Maw are the true victors in this battle as they both have the most to gain. The Avengers versus Thanos is the distraction they need as everyone is focused on the end of the world rather than the understanding of what it really means to be in control of their situation.

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Infinity #5 is really the end of one event story and the beginning of another. Unfortunately with only one issue left to go, that second event story is going to get short shrifted because there’s no room left. Just as Hickman barely used the room he had in the first five issues to tell an Avengers story, he barely has any room to tell the Avengers versus Thanos story that’s left. Infinity #5 shows how this storyline has just been another in the line of the Marvel cosmic Annihilation/Conquest/War of Kings/Guardians of the Galaxy/Nova stories without any of the enjoyable characterization that Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning brought to Marvel’s space bound heroes.

“I could follow her to the edge of the universe if I—” Thoughts on Avengers #20

As the Avengers still feel like they’re only in this story because the Fantastic Four or the X-Men were out of town this week, characters like Ex Nihilo and Abyss begin playing larger parts in this story as Hickman begins building deeper mysteries into their roles in Infinity. Their tie to the Builders, the Doctor Who-ish alien antagonists, is the first sign that there is something more sinister happening here than just an alien horde attacking planet after planet.

“…Because I have seen madness.” — thoughts on Infinity #3

Infinity #3 continues the two-front war for the Avengers that we’ve been reading about here and in Avengers (space) and New Avengers (Earth.) Hickman, Opeña and Weaver are trying to create a modern “Kree Skrull War” but Hickman’s writing lacks the little human touches that colored Roy Thomas’s classic story. Thomas weaved in just the right amount of soap opera into his Avengers stories, whether it was the developing love between a synthezoid and a mutant or the seemingly growing distrust between the founders of the Avengers and the latest team members to carry that name.

“Look closer at the world, War.”- East of West #3

East of West #3 lies somewhere between a spaghetti western and a new retelling of St. John’s Book of Revelation. A lanky, pale Death, dressed like an old time gambler, rides into New Shanghai on a metal horse. That can’t be good for anyone. Specifically, it can’t be good for the family that has been holding his wife prisoner for the last ten years. “Who is the woman who conquered Death?” we’re asked on the very first page. This issue doesn’t really answer much of that, even if we do meet his wife Xiaolian. Jonathan Hickman and Nick Dragotta only give us the briefest measure of her as they build up the consequences of her marriage to one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and subsequent imprisonment at the hand of her sister and father. Death rides into town and the powers that be try to put on a good face even while trembling in their boots.