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Now Playing @ Newsarama: Amazing X-Men #1 by Aaron and McGuinness

It’s hard to believe that Ed McGuinness has never really drawn an X-Men adventure before because he steps into it so naturally. In Amazing X-Men #1, his lively and jaunty style perfectly suits a character like Nightcrawler who should have a spring in his step (or backwards somersault, as the case may be) and a smile on his face even in the face of death. In no time at all, he claims Nightcrawler as his character like no one other than Dave Cockrum and Alan Davis have before.

“But is the solution really more time travel?” Review of Wolverine and the X-Men #36

The brilliant thing that Brian Michael Bendis did with All New X-Men is to make our presenttime the dystopian “Days of Future Past” for the original X-Men. Today is the future that young Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Angel, Beast and Iceman don’t want to see come to be. They’ll do anything to avoid the future they were brought to where Cyclops killed Professor Xavier. In Wolverine and the X-Men #36, the past and present X-Men have to fight alongside and against an X-Men team from the future who want to send the original X-Men back to the time they really belong. (Who says time travel stories aren’t confusing?) “Battle of the Atom” continues with Jason Aaron and Giuseppe Camuncoli stepping in to move the plot along while they lead us into the second month of this crossover.