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@ Newsarama– Lazarus #4

Lazarus #4 is the work of two cool and calculating creators; Greg Rucka and Michael Lark. Ambushed at the edge of her family’s land, Forever fights back from near-death to discover just how treacherous the Carlyle family can really be. Lark is such a matter-of-fact artist. He simply puts down the drawing for a panel, capturing the right image that moves the story along with the greatest efficiency.

@ Newsarama– Stumptown V2 #5

Over at Newsarama, I wrote a little bit about Greg Rucka and Matthew Southworth’s Stumptown V2 #5: The art in this series has been inconsistent as Matthew Southworth and colorist Rico Renzi have felt like they’ve been experimenting and trying…

Terror on the roller coaster– thoughts on Greg Rucka’s ALPHA

Whether it’s in novels or comic books, Greg Rucka’s storytelling is some of the leanest writing out there. He lives and writes by the rule of “why use three words when you can use one.” His latest novel has a simple high concept pitch which even Rucka has used jokingly but accurately to describe Alpha. It’s Die Hard in Disney Land. But it’s not: that’s just a surface read of Alpha. Undercover Delta Force operative Jad Bell is not John McClean. There’s no “yippy kay yay, mother fuckers” here. Bell is a professional and so is Rucka.