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The Avengers, Justice League Origins and Colorform Storytelling

If Bendis and his many artistic cohorts aren’t delivering the same joie de superheroes that Whedon showed us on the big screen, the closest thing right now that we may be getting to it is Geoff Johns and Jim Lee’s Justice League Volume 1: Origins, which essentially hits the same plot points that Whedon’s movie did. Origins is DC’s story of gathering a disfunctional team together. If the original Justice League were the boy scout heroes of the 1950 and 1960s, this early 21st century version of the team is the bad boys of the DCU. Set five years ago as superheroes were just showing up on the scene, Johns and Lee tell a story of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and everyone else meeting for the first time and trusting one another only slightly more than they distrust them. Johns tries to taps into that ole Stan Lee razzmatazz to show us how seven heroes came together to be one team.

It has to be the bow tie

After the artwork of Ethan Van Sciver on The Flash: Rebirth, Francis Manapul’s artwork in The Flash #1 is a welcome change.  Over at Savage Critics, Graeme McMillan pointed out how much Manupul’s artwork reminds him of Fabio Moon which…