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Now Playing @ Newsarama Best Shots: Velvet #1 by Brubaker and Epting

Brubaker and Epting take the Ms. Moneypenny role from the Bond stories and question who she is and why she is where she is. Brubaker twists the Bond story from being one strictly about espionage into a murder mystery. He and Epting introduce any number of shadowy figures that could be the murderer. Unlike Bond films where everyone, often including the femme fatales, are who we think they are, Brubaker and Epting don’t easily lay out the good guys and the bad guys in Velvet #1. We don’t even know who the secretary in this story really is.

“It’s a big life.” Thoughts on Daredevil Volume 5 by Waid & Samnee

Mark Waid and Chris Samnee’s Daredevil Volume 5 is chicken soup for the superhero comic book fan. The fifth volume of Waid’s run (and Samnee’s second) is about friendship, something that almost surprisingly the book has never really been about. Like almost any run on this series since the early 1980s, Waid and Samnee have been pushing Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson apart, staining their friendship and personal relationship to the point where Foggy dissolved their professional relationship by basically firing Murdock. This latest volume opens with Murdock at the bottom, with only a $20 in his pocket, shades of Miller and Mazzuchelli’s Born Again. But this book isn’t about how far Daredevil can fall; we’ve been there and done that over and over again. Starting this story that low, Waid and Samnee show us the riches of friendship, beginning with a short tale featuring the recent incarnation of Spider-Man before diving into a story where Matt Murdock has to be the strength that Foggy Nelson does not think he has within himself.

@ Newsarama: Fatale #1

  Phillips’ art takes a nearly imperceptible shift away from his usual Criminal work. He’s embracing his inner classic EC artist as he’s able to draw a comic not as grounded in our reality as Criminal has to be. Fatale #1 is more suggestive than anything…