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Shapes of (comic) Universes– a review of Butcher Baker, the Righteous Maker

Butcher Baker The Righteous Maker is the book the teenage me wanted to make back after reading The Dark Knight Returns, Watchmen and American Flagg! With a cover which looks like any generic report cover bought at a Walgreens adorned with its magic marker scribblings of a title and creators, to the anything-goes approach to storytelling and artwork, Joe Casey and Mike Huddleston write and draw a story that features everything there is to love about the deconstructionist superhero comics of the 1980s.

Simplicity in a cover

Last week, when I was going through my old issues of Watchmen, I was really struck by this cover to #11, the small multicolor splotch on a while foreground.  There’s a great simplicity in this image.  It’s not about what’s…

John Higgins’s Watchmen

So yesterday all the talk was about the Watchmen images that Zack Snyder posted online. And there was plenty of discussion about the movies, everything ranging from comparing them to Batman & Robin to these are the coolest things ever.…