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@Sound On Sight: Thoughts on Darwyn Cooke’s Slayground

Cooke is a sentimental cartoonist even if in the Parker books it is an odd, hardened sentimentality. If you look at at Cooke’s New Frontier, Spirit or Minutemen, the warm, mushy sentimentality there welcomes you into those comics. The softness of his artwork in those comics paints images of your favorite comics that are always there to give you comfort and makes you long for bygone times. In Slayground, the sentimentality is wrapped up in the hardness of the characters. It’s as cold and stiff as the wintery night that Cooke is leading us through. A lot of that is accomplished through the very simple and consistent ice blue hue that shades the whole story. The coldness of the story comes through Cooke’s harsh, bold line and storytelling.

Parker’s Fairy Tale– a review of Parker: The Score

A fairy tale that he couldn’t let go? Darwyn Cooke’s fascination with Richard Stark’s stories take shape as that fairy tale. It’s not a tale of princesses, evil step mothers and poisoned apples but of thieves, killers and machine guns. But Stark’s stories are just that- a modern fairy tale that have captivated Cooke as reshapes these old stories into new myths of men who were men and women who were dames. As he adapts Stark’s book Parker: The Score, Cooke pours his artistic heart into the characters, hoping they are enough to overcome a story with nothing at stake for Parker.