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Art Appreciation– Eduardo Risso’s SPACEMAN

Eduardo Risso is an artist who can make an apocalyptic New York (or really is it any other major metropolitan American city) look more foreign and inhospitable than Mars. In Spaceman, Brian Azzarello structures the story around two time periods, the “present” where a genetically engineered man-child Orson scavenges the rising seas for a living until he stumbles across the kidnapping of a child reality star, and the past where Orson is part of a team of similarly engineered mutants charged with exploring Mars until they stumble on a deposit of gold in the Martian soil. Charged with transporting the audience to both settings, Risso and colorist Patricia Mulvihill create a familiar but uncomfortably altered city that feels as alien as the barren wastes of Mars.

Charting 100 Bullets

Since I linked to Matthew J. Brady’s chart last time I reviewed 100 Bullets, I figured I’d link up to his new, snazzy version of the chart, showing all of the characters relationships and basically who’s killed who.  Be warned,…