@ Sound on Sight– revisiting Steven Soderbergh’s The Limey

Soderbergh sculpts this movie like a memory. All of the pieces are there but not in the exact order that they happened. As Wilson tries to put together the pieces of his daughter’s death, Soderbergh is constructing this movie out of order and giving the audience snippets of information only here or there. Wilson’s Los Angeles journey is fragmented as he tries to reconnect with a dead woman he remembers as his little girl playfully threatening to call the cops on him. He’s spent the better part of his life in prison and has this image of Jenny that’s as fragmented as Soderbergh’s movie is. He remembers her from the times when he was out of the joint but that means that there are whole portions of her life that he has no idea about, particularly her life in L.A.

Prometheus and its myth of creation

Prometheus tries to have a lot of questions but it doesn’t really understand what the questions are. Who created us? Where did they/he come from? Why did they/he abandon us? These are standard questions that are far more complex than “aliens” as the answers. Finding signs and cave paintings that point to the stars, Elizabeth Shaw and Charlie Halloway kind of lead an expedition to an alien world to see where their vague and easy questions lead. These signs and portents lead them to a world where their supposed makers, or “engineers” came from but they hardly find any real answers there. It’s like director Ridley Scott was using this movie to figure out what he wanted to do in a sequel to Prometheus instead.

Vote for Star Wars: Forgotten Realm

Star Wars Tags:,Atom Originals,Atom Blog,Upload Videos Star Wars: Forgotten Realm is a movie my cousin’s husband has been working on forever.  In fact, my cousin and her daughter are featured quite predominantly in this trailer that he’s put together.…