Writing About Comics the Will Eisner Way @ Sequart

Comics and Sequential Art is Eisner’s exploration of the various elements of a comic, stacking one building block on top of another to divine how comic books work. Mostly using his own comic work to walk the reader through various structures of comics – though later editions would incorporate a small handful of other cartoonists to illustrate his points – Eisner acts as a guide to show cartoonists how to create comics. From the micro view of the basic components of a panel to a macro view of the layout of a full page, Eisner writes about the many ways that a cartoonist can construct a page and thereby manipulate the reader to follow where the cartoonist wants him or her to go. The book is not a how-to book like Stan Lee and John Buscema’s How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way (a book that shows you how to draw like Buscema) or any of the technical DC guides to comic creation. Comics and Sequential Art is not instructional. Eisner builds this book on theories drawn from his years of creating stories and comics.