The Funny Pages

The Funny Pages– Paul Pope’s Escapo

Z2 Comics has rereleased Paul Pope’s Escapo. Written and drawn in the mid 1990s, Escapo doesn’t feel as fully formed as Pope’s later work but the Pope’s raw energy is visible on almost every page. In recent interviews from the past 2-4 years, Pope has said that the only comic artists he’s looking at now are Kirby, Moebius and Miyazaki and that shows in all of his storytelling. But there’s no one before Pope that has just animalistic power in their artwork. That rich, quirk brush stroke of Pope’s has so much emotion in it that so many cartoonists now try to imitate but no one can achieve it like Pope does.

The Funny Pages- Corpse On The Imjin and Other Stories by Harvey Kurtzman

Since getting Fantagraphics’ CORPSE ON THE IMJIN AND OTHER STORIES BY HARVEY KURTZMAN, I’ve been obsessing about the man’s artwork. Mostly chalked up to a sad lack of access to the work, Kurtzman has been a name that I’ve known and could identify images that he’s drawn but I never took the time to really look at the way he told a story, particularly his war stories.