Reviewing in my dreams– The Sandman Overture #3 at Newsarama

SNDM_Cv3_text_52d5d40f34c4a1.91577371Someday I’m going to put together a small book of my reviews and I’m going to use pullquotes from Newsarama commenters on the back cover.

That review of the latest Sandman might just have been the craziest thing I have ever read!

This and the time people took issue about when I wrote that Grant Morrison had turned Batman into a New God may be the times I’m proudest about at Newsarama. Sadly, the comments for that old Batman review are long gone into the internet mists.

This week, I did write a bit of a crazy review of The Sandman Overture #3, which may have included the phrasing:

Gaiman and Williams III put a lot of work into this issue that’s ultimately a collection of B-sides of Gaiman’s previous Sandman work. The feline aspect of himself recalls an old issue about the dreams of cats. The three Fates show up in this issue, the three who wove the strands of Dreams life through to “The Kindly Ones.” Dream tells Hope the story of an old love and the origins of his ruby and the gates which guard his kingdom. Gaiman has stated that this series is his chance to tell a story that fills in some blanks in Dreams story and this issue ends up filling in the blanks of the blanks that this series serves. Gaiman’s writing here appeals to the fanboys more than anyone else, trying to expand the world around his favorite author’s creations. In this case, his favorite author is himself and he’s telling the stories that meaninglessly expands on the worlds that don’t need any expansion.

I’m honestly not too sure if this is one of my old man “Get off my lawn!” reviews or just the ramblings of a tired mind. To my defense, a lot of this review came to me in a dream so it’s like the book led me there.

You can read the full review of The Sandman Overture #3 here.

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