Advance review of a terribly silly (or is that just a silly terrible) comic book– Alien Legion:Uncivil War #1

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Over at Newsarama, I have an advance review up of the new Alien Legion book that’s coming out in a few months.  I was looking forward to this because I have fond memories of those original Alien Legion comics with Frank Cirocco artwork and maybe I foolishly thought that after all of these years, this would be something like the comics that I remembered.

The plot is just as non-existent as the characters. Dixon frames everything against some civil war trying to develop some epicly cosmic background for this story. Instead, it is all a thin veneer of narrative to hang his equally thin characters around. As he constructs this civil war, this Legion and these refugees, he never develops any stakes around them. He doesn’t give us any reason to care what’s happening in this comic. There’s no sense of doom, no caring for the characters and no drama because there is no depth to anything in this comic that could actually pull the reader into the story. Dixon writes all of this as if he expects the reader to have some familiarity with 20+ year old stories that weren’t that popular when they were out. Alien Legion was not a dearly enduring book that lived on in the hearts and imaginations of its fans and readers. At best, it was forgotten by all but a few. That is not enough to relaunch this book like the last issue was just last month and that we should be able to jump into this issue as if we all knew the backstory of these alien races and characters.

You can read the rest of the review at Best Shots Comic Reviews: DAREDEVIL #1, ANIMAL MAN #29 (Final Issue), More |


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