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Panel Patter

Zamudio’s drawings set the scene by painting a picturesque farmhouse.  Taking place over forty years ago, her drawings are timeless, giving the setting an innocent feel.  Two sisters play, argue and do chores around the farm as their aging father has to accept that he can’t run the farm as he once used to.  Things change; things grow old and it’s eventually up to the young to support and work for the old.  Zamudio shows us one of those summer days when these kinds of changes are just beginning.  The oldest girl, Birdie, is eager to help her father.  Zamudio draws these moments a rustic innocence. Even when Jensen shows up, he’s a grotesque man but you can never be too sure whether he’s really that way or if it’s just Birdie’s perception and imagination at work coloring our own first impressions of the man.

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