Now at Sound on Sight: In Miracleman #1, Alan Moore Shows Us Dreams and Reality

Marvel-Miracleman-1-657x1024It was weird to write about a comic that just came out that I’ve been thinking about for almost 30 years now.

It would only be a few years later that Moore would start writing Watchmen and in some ways, Miracleman andWatchmen play off of each other. Watchmen is about how the world reacts with to the fear of superheroes. In that world of mean s.o.b.’s like Rorschach or all powerful deities like Dr. Manhattan, everyone has adjusted to living in fear about what the existence of those “heroes” means. In Miracleman #1, Moore begins exploring just why we should fear the idea of these fantastic figures. It has since become a common Moore refrain but these characters and their stories are just childish. As Miracleman tries to explain his magical origins, ineffective villains and silly sidekicks to his wife, she just laughs. She turns it into a joke that causes him to angrily smash their floor. “I’m sorry, Mike… But that’s such a bloody stupid story!” she says. “Damn you, Liz, you’re laughing at my life!!” he argues back. It’s modern day fanboy rampage, circa 1982.

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