Now @ Newsarama- Best Shots Rapid review of Sex Criminals #4

sex-criminals-4-web-72I wonder if the name was the worst thing that Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky could have come up with for this book?  Actually, after using my iPad to zoom in on a bunch of the background details, I know that they could have come up with a lot of worse titles.

50% of this issue is one sex joke after another but the other 50% is a reaction to the world around us. While it’s fun watching Suzie and Jon fumble their way through the sex and the crime in order to screw over the bank and save the local library, you’ve also got to pay attention to everything Fraction and Zdarsky are talking about, from the politics of physical and emotional relationships to the messed up economy where the rich prosper while everyone else is expected to quietly suffer.

You can read the full review at Newsarama.

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