Now @ Sound on Sight: Celebrated Summer Knows That For Every Never-Ending Night There Is a Morning After

Celebrated_Summer-EndSomehow while reading Celebrated Summer, I didn’t identify at all with the two main characters in any way that their day to day life resonated with me but I could connect with them in every way about how those experiences can mean so much to you in the time that they’re happening.

Whether it’s the LSD or just the world that these characters live in, Forsman stretches out the moments of Wolf and Mike’s lives. Celebrated Summer doesn’t feel any need to rush through this night so that gives Forsman the chance to linger in these characters’ heads for a bit and to show us how they are experiencing everything around them. As they drive down the highway, time stops as the rigid and static buildings become these wavy and living creatures in the distance. The video games become a journey into another universe. Even flowers grow and bloom right before their eyes. In one night the universe changes and becomes something new and exciting. Of course by the morning, everything is back as it should be but Forsman forces us to confront the strangeness and beauty of both the seen and unseen world.

You can read the full review at Sound on Sight.

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