Now @ Panel Patter: Joe Casey and Piotr Kowalski dare you to look away in SEX: THE SUMMER OF HARD

Simply put, Joe Casey wrote the best Before Watchmen series.  Thankfully, DC couldn’t get their hands on it.

To continue the Watchmen comparisons, Kowalski plays the part of Dave Gibbons with his strong, solid storytelling.  Kowalski would be an excellent superhero artist if this were a superhero comic but he excels at all of those character building moments that Casey has expanded into the entire issue.  Remember the days of Bob Layton drawing Iron Man in “Demon in the Bottle” where Stark just oozed cool?  That’s the kind of stuff that Kowalski is doing here as he gets to draw the characters is spiffy clothes and kinky outfits but rarely gets to draw them as the superheroes.  This is the time between the big battles where the characters have to exist as human beings. Kowalski draws these characters as uncomfortable in their own skins. Making the art even more interesting, colorist Brad Simpson makes bold and strong coloring choices that make Saturn City vibrant and alive.  Kowalski and Simpson are creating a pulsating and lively world to accompany Casey’s story of frustration and impotence.

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