@ Sound on Sight- review of Young Avengers V1: Style > Substance

Young_Avengers_Vol_2_1_O'Malley_VariantI think my new goal is that whenever I start writing for a website, one of my first pieces will be something about a Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie comic.  My first piece at many a year ago Popdose was about Phonogram: The Singles Club.  While not my first piece on Sound On Sight to be published, one of the first pieces I wanted to write about was Young Avengers V1: Style > Substance.

McKelvie, Mike Norton and Matt Wilson draw and color a comic that’s full of vibrant life. McKelvie and Wilson’s make each character have a life and personality that you can understand without ever even having to read a word that they’re saying. McKelvie can take these sometimes silly words that Gillen writes (Noh-varr’s “Come with me if you want to be awesome” is silly but actually kind of awesome) and he delivers images that convince you that the characters are really 100% committed to these words and lifestyles. Like he did in Phonogram: The Singles Club and his own Suburban Glamour (both also colored by Wilson,) McKelvie just captures the optimism of youth. These characters may be worn down by what they’ve done and what they’ve seen but McKelvie shows that they’ve still got life left in them.

You can read the full review here.

It’s kind of weird but this was a book I enjoyed a lot more as I thought about it and what the creators are doing.  I don’t know if kids (I’m old enough to call anyone under 30 “kids”) sound like they do in a Gillen/McKelvie joint but I’m willing to go along with the ride.

(note: you can see the actual cover for the collection at the Sound On Sight article.  I just posted the O’Malley variant for issue #1 because I’ve been in a Scott Pilgrim mood lately.)

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