“…Because I have seen madness.” — thoughts on Infinity #3

Infinity_3_CoverThere must be 6 more weeks of winter because I popped up at Newsarama this week and saw my shadow.  Writing a quick review of Infinity #3, I included the following combination of words:

Hickman lacks [Roy] Thomas’s character-driven passion, preventing the characters from actually acting like people instead of chess pieces on a game board as he maintains the austerity of the story. It is like we are being made to worship at some temple dedicated to the deity of The Avengers rather than reading a comic book full of colorful characters and alien races.

You can read the whole review here.

The problem so far with Infinity is that I’ve enjoyed the overall shape of the story greater than I’ve enjoyed the individual parts of it.  The sum is greater than the pieces in this case.  I’m really surprised at how cold and formal Hickman’s writing on this series (and Avengers and New Avengers) is when you compare those books to his East of West and Manhattan Projects.  But I think a lot of the warmth of those books are due to the work of artist Nick Dragotta and Nick Pitarra, who have a playfulness in their art that Opeña doesn’t while Weaver’s art is in full on Neal Adams mode.

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