“Look closer at the world, War.”- East of West #3


In my attempt to get back into the swing of regular writing, I contributed a review of East of West #3 to this week’s Best Shots column at Newsarama and wrote:

East of West #3 lies somewhere between a spaghetti western and a new retelling of St. John’s Book of Revelation. A lanky, pale Death, dressed like an old time gambler, rides into New Shanghai on a metal horse. That can’t be good for anyone. Specifically, it can’t be good for the family that has been holding his wife prisoner for the last ten years. “Who is the woman who conquered Death?” we’re asked on the very first page…

… Death rides into town and the powers that be try to put on a good face even while trembling in their boots.

You can read the full review here.

While I’ve lately had a lot of problems with writers, particularly Image and Oni’s writers, going to Marvel and losing their own voice as they get pulled into whatever Dark Civil Heroic crap, I think writing Fantastic Four and FF was maybe the best thing that happened to Hickman.  I personally didn’t get a lot of what he was going on The Nightly News or anything else because it felt too cold and impersonal.  His FF work started that way but he quickly caught the voice of all of the characters and made those books about the personalities and not so much just the ideas.  He’s been able to take his voice there and apply it to Marvel books like New Avengers but also to his own Manhattan Projects and East of West, writing great story hooks that revolve around fully developed characters.


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