“Someone pushes a button and blows up the sun.” Looking back at Cerebus #112/113

Cerebus 112_113

The Longbox Project is a great new site that invites people to share their thoughts on comics that really mean something to them.  This weekend, I contributed a piece about Cerebus #112/113, a double-numbered issue that bridges Sim’s “Church & State” and “Jaka” books.  If you’ve only read Cerebus in the phone book collections, you’ve never read this because it’s never been reprinted there.  I think the only time this issue (and #50 if I recall correctly) has been reprinted in Cerebus #0.

Writing about Cerebus #112/113, I said:

Sim takes all of those elements that make a long running series like Cerebus seem so daunting and pushes them aside for a moment with this issue. He strips his main character of all of the baggage that’s accumulated around him and gives us an issue where Cerebus is trapped between moments, a spot he will pretty much remain in for almost the next 40 issues.  He’s lost everything so what is he going to do next?  He’s going to do what most of us do and mope around for 20+ pages.  He’s going to avoid the ghosts and dead bodies that haunt the hotel that he had been living in.  He’s going to try to walk away and maybe even try to kill himself.  And then he’s just going to go to bed and wake up because tomorrow is only just another day.  Maybetomorrow he’ll be able to escape being trapped in the person he’s always been.

You can read the full piece on Cerebus #112/113 here.


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