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It’s a small point of pride that I bought Hellblazer #1 in 1988 and now I’ve bought Hellblazer #300 in 2013.  I can’t say I read it continually during that time but it was always comforting to know that book was around.

As Constantine tries to pull of a final con against fate and destiny, Milligan, Camuncoli and Landini provide definition of what a Constantine-sized hole in the characters’ lives (and by extension, our own comic reading lives) looks like. Moving through some of the stages of mourning, we see what life without this John Constantine will be as DC tries to trick us with substitutes and look-a-likes to try and cheat the fickle fates that is the comic book publishing business. But in the end, these creators borrow a trick from their main character and maybe cheat a bit, providing an ending to the character that isn’t as final as death or banishment to superhero hell.

You can read the full review at Newsarama.

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