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Over at Newsarama, I wrote a little bit about Greg Rucka and Matthew Southworth’s Stumptown V2 #5:

The art in this series has been inconsistent as Matthew Southworth and colorist Rico Renzi have felt like they’ve been experimenting and trying to find a groove. With this last issue, Southworth’s artwork is loose and expressionistic, more often suggesting details rather than clearly delineating them. It’s far different from the first issue or the first miniseries where his artwork was clearly influenced by Michael Lark. Southworth still has a natural style, capturing the ways that people really move, dress and carry themselves but his linework is simpler as he leaves more shading and molding if shapes to be defined by Renzi’s colors. This overreliance on Renzi though means that some of Southworth’s art looks unfinished, if you look too hard, some of the fuzzy details seem more comical than they are supposed to.

You can read the whole review here.

I’ve never seen an artist change so much over 5 issues.  I actually really appreciate an artist willing to try to change and grow.  His artwork in the 4th issue was just fantastic as he and Rucka really challenged themselves to find a way to do a car chase on paper.  But for many reasons, his artwork in this final issue just wasn’t as strong as it should have been.  It’s not that he made it simpler (look at that beautiful cover) but he couldn’t pull it off consistently throughout the comic.  For Southworth and colorist Rico Renzi, Stumptown V2 seemed to be a time of growth and experimentation.  Hopefully when Stumptown returns, they’re able to settle on an artistic approach that they can pull off for five consecutive issues.

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