@Newsarama- All New X-Men #5 and Godzilla: Half Century War #4

This week over at the mothership, I review All New X-Men #5 and Godzilla: Half Century War #4 as part of the Best Shots crew.  Here’s a little bit of what I wrote about each comic.


All New X-Men #5

The wonderful thing is how Bendis and Immonen are taking our concepts of the mutants’ future and turning it on its head. For the original X-Men, our present is their “Days of Future Past.” They’re seeing the future where they lost, the dream was shattered and they’ve turned into the bad guys. They’re seeing a future where the mutants are hunted and persecuted and rounded up. Bendis is creating the time that they’ll fight desperately to avoid. It’s the flip of every X-Men story we’ve seen since Claremont and Byrne first flung Kitty Pryde into a futuristic dystopia. Only know, we see how far the X-Men have fallen from their dreams. More importantly, the young X-Men see how they grow up to be failures.


Godzilla Half Century War #4 (even through it says 5 throughout the review.)

Filling the pages with bright primary colors, Stokoe creates pages that pulse with energy. The red glow on nearly every page creates the heat of the characters and the heat of the battles. He doesn’t bathe the pages in red so that everything is read. I many panels, the red hues are just a highlight, subtly added to create excitement around the action. He creates a rhythmic beat with the colors, like listening to the drums in any good rock song. The color builds in the background until the comic becomes all about the red heat of the battle and danger.

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