Catching up with Comics– reviews of Hawkeye #4 and The Bravest Warriors #2

The Bravest Warriors #2



Hey, look!  More Best Shots reviews.  This week, I covered Hawkeye #4 and The Bravest Warriors #2 for the Best Shots Consortium.

About Hawkeye #4, I talk a bit about artist Javier Pulido and his excellent rendition of moment-to-moment artwork:

Pulido’s artwork doesn’t move across the page like Aja’s but he finds these perfectly unique ways to frame moments in the panels. From Hawkeye’s night of driving around Madripoor to the scene where he is captured by Madame Masque and accidentally lets slip that he has S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Black Amex card, Pulido draws each moment to show us Hawkeye’s impatience, his humor or his canny cunning and control of the situation. The moment he reveals to Madame Masque where his Black Amex card is (hint: it’s in his pants but not in a pocket) can be read a couple of different ways by the time you get to the end of the comic. Pulido simultaneously plays it with humor, a bit of sexual tension and just awkwardness as Masque goes looking for it. Pulido captures the sense of improvisation and careful planning that has gone into this adventure for Hawkeye.

And about The Bravest Warriors #2, I wanted to write about how old I was and how this comic was just some neighborhood kid running around my lawn (damn, kids!) but cooler and smarter heads convinced me that wasn’t quite the way to go.

This issue is a series of gags thinly strung together around a plot. It’s a joke book that tries to play around with nonsense. The clown midgets are really munchkins from The Wizard of Oz so they get a few jokes out of that. The clowns are sad because all of their tire swings don’t have tires in them. There’s a joke in there somewhere but the creators just don’t sell it. For a book that’s trying to be cute and funny, The Bravest Warriors #2lacks any real cuteness and only manages to find a couple of humorous gags.

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