On the Newsarama bandwagon– reviews of Stumptown #3 and The Zaucer of Zilk #2

So I’ve got more reviews up at Newsarama.  It’s a veritable cornucopia of reviewing productivity.

About Stumptown #3, I wrote a lot about Matthew Southworth’s artwork.

Southworth plays with that tension all through the book. Rucka’s story is all about the conflict of people not telling Dex everything they know or believing that she’s withholding information from them. Sometimes it’s the personal, quiet moments that Southworth showed us between Ansel and Dex but other times it’s explosive and violent as when Dex shows the problems she has with authority by being a smart alec with one of the D.E.A. agents. For an issue that is mostly investigation, Southworth keeps pushing the tension through his composition of the scenes.

And for The Zaucer of Zilk #2, I simply wrapped it up with the following.

…Ewing and McCarthy take the Stan Lee formula and ratchet up the hyperbole, the purple prose, the hallucinogenic landscapes and the action wrapped around character moments to create a modern day Peter Parker of the Zaucer. This comic is more of a Marvel comic than anything Marvel has actually produced in 2012, enjoying playing in Stan Lee and Steve Ditko’s sandbox.

For some reason, writing reviews have been hard lately (I know, small violins and everything) but I feel like I’m so out of step with what’s popular that I have a hard time finding new comics to get excited enough about that I feel like taking virtual pen to virtual paper.  What everyone else is  getting all excited about feels like the same old, same old to me or worse, it feels like people have forgotten what truly good comics are and are getting excited for any old thing that comes down the line.

Maybe that’s just my grumpy man take on everything right now.

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