The Return of Angelboy and Shark Girl(???)

Over at Newsarama, I made my return to the Best Shots ranks after slow and unproducitve summer and fall.  Tackling Wolverine and the X-Men #20, I summarized my feelings about the book as follows:

With painful, expository dialogue and undeveloped conflicts, Aaron writes just another standard X-Men comic featuring undefined characters like Angel or the new mutant. Worse than undefined, they just feel old and worn out.

I just don’t think I’m the Jason Aaron fan that so many other people seem to be.

Or, more troubling, I think that Wolverine and the X-Men may expose some of the problems of Marvel’s double shipping where they’re burning through 2 years of stories in 12 months.  Looking at this title and Uncanny X-Men, we can see two books that started out amazingly strong during that first year.  While the Wolverine title’s strengths really only lasted until it got pulled into a massive crossover, I think we can look at both titles and see comics that were full of energy, ideas and enthusiasm for their first handful of issues but then lost their steam as they tried to keep plugging along for two issues a month, month after month.  Remender was able to keep it going up through the Dark Angel Saga and Aaron did the same up until the start of AvX.

My biggest problem with Aaron’s book is that his take on the old X-Men isn’t as fun as he thinks it is.  The new mutants and the school are where the excitement are in this book but, again thanks to double shipping, it feels like it’s been over a year since we got to see them being students as opposed to being pawns in a giant war.

I keep wanting to like this book but I think I’m ready to give up on it.

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