DC 52 Week 1– Animal Man #1 & Swamp Thing #1

Over at Newsarama, my review of the Animal Man #1 and Swamp Thing #1 went up today.

Animal Man #1

Lemire understands that Animal Man is a different kind of hero and embraces it. He shows how Buddy may be a third-string costumed hero but that there’s a need for those kind of heroes in this world. Maybe Buddy is holding on to the costume and the dream of being a world-saving hero a bit long.  Maybe his greatest adventures are behind him and he just cannot see that there’s a time coming when he should hang up the costume, but he does see that he still does good as Animal Man.  He still has his little victories and he still has people and fans that look up to him form inspiration.

Swamp Thing #1

Remembering that even those old Alan Moore comics were part of DC continuity, Snyder writes a story that builds off of that old continuity within this new DC universe. Holland remembers Abbie, the love of Swamp Thing’s life, like she was the love of his own life, but he has no connection to her other than a distant memory.  He remembers everything about the Swamp Thing, but it’s another life to him.

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