Marvel Team Up: Spider-Man & Major Grubert

A Marcos Martin comic is always a special thing so today when Marvel released The Amazing Spider-Man: Spidey Sunday Spectacular, I had to pick it up.  Collecting a bunch of two-page stories that Martin did with Stan Lee, it is great to see Martin work his magic on each and every page.  But flipping through it tonight, I found what may be one of the greatest Spider-Man pages ever.

I usually like to say that there’s two Spider-Man artists, Ditko and Romita, and everyone is trying to be one or the other.  Martin is usually in the Ditko camp of Spider-Man artists but there’s something very Romita-ish in that last panel.  It recalls this Romita cover:


I really like the way that Romita and Martin twist Spider-Man’s body in these images and the up-shot angle seems like it should be a natural angle to view the character at but so many images put us on an even level wtih the character.  He’s a character that we should be looking up at as he swings over the city.

But it’s actually the middle two panels that made me stop and pause for a moment.

Is it?

Can it be?

It is!!!!!!!

Moebius’ Grubert has made his way to NYC!  It’s a fantastic little detail thrown in by Lee and Martin into the story that has absolutely nothing to do with the story but is a fantastic bone to throw out to Moebius fans.

And Martin doesn’t do a half bad Grubert.  

All I’ll add is that I follow a lot of those “panel of the week” bloggers and I don’t recall any of them throwing this panel into any post.  For shame, my fellow bloggers.  FOR SHAME!!!!!

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