@ Newsarama: Marijuana Man

So, over at Newsarama, I wrote a review of Ziggy Marley, Joe Casey and Jim Mahfood's Marijuanaman:

Too many of the characters in Marijuanaman are just types; there’s the foxy babe, the sidekick, the hero, the wiseman and the greedy corporate bad guy. That’s it. That’s all you need to know about any of the characters in this book. Well, you need to know those types and that the good guys smoke pot. There’s sadly no depth to any of the characters or their situations in this book. There’s no investment in them or any nuance that would make this a book you would want to return to over and over again to discover anything new.

I think this book wanted to be a socially relevant underground comic but it falls far short as there's no substance to anything that Casey writes.  It's a weak main character, non-existent supporting characters and a heavy-handed morality story that just has no charm or whit to it.

At least it looked nice.  

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