Catching up & Floppytown reviews

I know that this here blog has been a bit quiet lately, pointing more to writing I'm doing elsewhere on the web.  I'm writing for a couple of different websites now (Popdose, Floppytown and, starting today, Newsarama) so there hasn't been much time to throw up anything here other than the occasional collection of links.  Hopefully that'll change before the end of the year as I figure out A) how to better manage my time, B) what kind of stuff I want to do here and C) what kind of stuff I want to do at those websites.  I have ideas of where I want to take the regular reviews at Popdose but I don't know if I'm good enough of a writer to pull it off. 

So while I'm figuring all of that out, here are a couple of quick reviews I did for Floppytown:

  • Batman and Robin #15:   "Frazer Irving’s deliciously decadent art gives Morrison’s uncharacteristically thin story a density that I would have loved to see accompanied with Morrison’s more elaborate stories like Batman: RIP…"
  • Thor: Mighty Avenger #5:  " From his stranger-in-a-strange-land Thor to the debonair and regal Namor, Langridge is actually doing something new and fun with these great Marvel characters…"
  • Vision Machine #1:  "Somewhere on the cynicism scale between Warren Ellis and Cory Doctorow, Greg Pak creates a story that makes you reexamine your iPhones and Twitter feeds, wondering, just whose future are they truly benefiting?"

 I've been writing a lot about Grant Morrison's Batman lately and still have some thoughts that I need to get down for it.  Those may end up here in the next week or two.

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