Gutter Shots #4– On Target

Human Target


In this episode of Gutter Shots, Ty and Scott go to the shelves and pull out two crime classics; THE HUMAN TARGET and THE HUMAN TARGET: FINAL CUT.  Ten years ago, Peter Milligan and artist Edvin Buikovic took a somewhat obscure Len Wein and Carmine Infantino creation out of the DCU and created a compelling story about identity, Los Angeles and faith.  The four issue Vertigo miniseries created a John Woo-type movie on paper.

Three years later, Milligan returned to the character in THE HUMAN TARGET: THE FINAL CUT, an original graphic novel that picks up where the miniseries left off and create a Hollywood tale where identity and fame are only as permantent as a Variety headline.  Javier Pulido’s fluid artwork and Dave Stewart’s brilliant colors create a true tinsel town where everything has a golden glow to it.  Vertigo may just now be launching a crime imprint but these two stories (along with 100 BULLETS) are the solid roots of Vertigo’s crime story offerings.


CBR’s Comics Should be Good on Edvin Buikovic

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Both THE HUMAN TARGET and THE HUMAN TARGET: FINAL CUT are available on Amazon.

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