Weekly Comic Shopping List 9/10/08

Offered with little commentary:

  • All Star Batman And Robin The Boy Wonder #10— never mind.  It’s not out for another two weeks.  And I guess we all now know why it was pulped.  It just seems stupid of DC to let Frank Miller control the product this way. 
  • Final Crisis Revelations #2— This was the FC book I was looking most forward to but the first issue didn’t really grab me in any way.  It was just kind of there.  I think I may have been expecting Gotham Central when both of the main characters have moved well beyond that series. 
  • Batman The Black Glove HC— Probably the book I’m looking forward to the most this week. 
  • Secret Invasion #6
  • Criminal 2 #5
  • Damned Prodigal Sons #3
  • Enigma Cipher TP– One of the stronger releases from Boom Studios lately.

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