Months with five Wednesdays

It’s bad enough that books are delayed a day this week because of a holiday last week but I just realized that I won’t be getting a DCBS shipment this week.

You see, I usually get “twice a month” shipping from DCBS which normally means I get a box every two weeks except for weeks that have 5 Wednesdays.  When this occurrence happends (about 5 times a year,) the first shipment of the month gets pushed back a week so it ends up being 5 weeks between shipments.

It’s not like this is a bad thing or anything but it just drives me crazy when I’m sitting around, waiting to get a shipping notice and don’t get it.

Don’t worry.  I’ll live and I’ll probably be getting a lot at the LCS today anyway but I look forward to that box with a lot of good trades in it.  Of course, I still have a couple of trades from the last shipment to read anyways.

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