The Legion of Super Placeholders

So yesterday, I emailed my LCS, dropping the Shooter/Manupul Legion of Super-Heroes.  Now, I’m a long time Legion fan (heck, I like The Lightning Saga because of the Legion) but this latest series has never lived up to its potential.  Even Mark Waid’s stuff kind of petered out in the end.

I’ve been enjoying Francis Manupul’s artwork.  It’s lively, active and kind of fun.  I’m sorry that I won’t be getting it on a regular basis for a while at least.  It’s Jim Shooter’s writing that’s finally driven me away.  Or maybe it’s actually a bit more than that.  You see, I really don’t care about these characters.  I don’t care about this version of the Legion.  After the initial rush of Waid’s “Teenage Wasteland” version of the Legion, it all just fell apart and none of the characters ever became good characters.  I liked the idea of introducing Supergirl to the Legion and think they jettisoned her too early once Waid left.

I don’t even know who or what I’m supposed to care about anymore on this title.  Maybe it’s finally gotten to the point of too many characters and not enough screen time to develop any of them.  Maybe it’s because these aren’t “my” Legion anymore.  After the taste of the Levitz Legion in JLA, JSA and Action, I’ve realized how much I miss those versions of the characters and how much the current ones just don’t fill in the void left behind.

I’m now in the camp of hoping that The Legion of Three Worlds re-establishes the Levitz era Legion or even the post-Zero Hour Legion.  At least they’d be characters that I like as opposed to characters that are placeholders.  The good news is that next week, the Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes hardcover collection is due to ship and then next month, The Legion of Three Worlds begins.  I’m dropping the Legion but they’ll never really be that far away.

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