Can you hear the jazz down at Time2?

for color… for light… for life.
for love… for lust… for glory.
for now… for later… forever…
for good times… for bad times… for all times…

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Remember back when original graphic novels were unheard of? Heck, back in the 80’s, graphic novels were more of a novelty than anything else but Howard Chaykin already had a number of them to his name; The Stars My Destination, Flowers in Heaven and Empire. After the stellar run on American Flagg!, Chaykin turned his attention to a new graphic novel series, Time2. Time2 was a tale of love, betrayal, jazz and full of the typically morally ambiguous characters that Chaykin is known for. Only two books were published and the first one is a classic. It’s one of Chaykin’s best looking books.

Leading up to Time2, Chaykin put out a special issue of American Flagg! that was actually a crossover with Reuben Flagg landing in the middle of Time2. It was a neat way to introduce most of the major characters of his next work. The only one that didn’t appear was Maxim Glory, the “hero” of our tale and the prodigal son who returned in the first volume.

In the back of the American Flagg! Special was the above ad for Time2, a twelve panel teaser before teaser trailers were even popular. Thanks to Cosmo in the bottom left hand corner, you can hear the jazz playing as you read over this ad, getting an idea of the movers and players in Time2. Chaykin’s strong graphic sense really worked well here, even with the simple layout. Every panel tells its own story or at least hints at a story. The characters are real here and inviting you to get to know them more, inviting you to visit Time2.

I’ve always enjoyed effective advertisement. Ads should the intriguing, mysterious and inviting. They should show you something you haven’t seen before, or reveal old things in new ways. I had forgotten all about this ad but for some reason, I’ve been in a Howard Chaykin mood the last couple of days so I pulled out this old American Flagg! special and was instantly captivated by this advertisement again.

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