Weekly Shopping List 1/4/08

This is really a light week for comics this week.

  • Black Diamond #6 — Larry Young and Jon Proctor’s series wraps up this week. I’ll have to dig out the issues and do a big review on it. I’ve only read the first 3 issues but everytime I thought I had this story figured out, it went and did a complete turnaround on me.
  • Doktor Sleepless #4 — I’ve been less than thrilled with this series and may end up making the cut after this issue. I’ll probably give the whole series a quick read before I do that but this feels like Warren Ellis phoning it in I’m sorry to say. With the possible exception of Black Summer, I can’t think of anything Ellis has done this year that has wowed me.
  • Powers Vol 11 Secret Identity TP– Only a few months after V10. This whole series is on my list of titles to read all the way through this year and probably this month and write about. I think Bendis has done some incredibly gutsy and experimental things on this title that he gets little credit for.

If money didn’t matter:

  • Ultimate Human #1 — Looking back on it, Ultimate Galactus and Ultimate FF by Ellis were fun but nothing great (I’m really down on Ellis right now, aren’t I?) so I’ll probably wait on Ultimate Human except that I’m dying to see Cary Nord’s artwork. I’ve loved what he’s done on Conan and am anxious to see what he can do on something else.
  • Avengers West Coast Darker Than Scarlet TP– I’ve got an unhealthy love for these Byrne Avengers storyline. The only problem is that Byrne left/was booted off of this title before he could wrap up the story.
  • Misadventures Of Clark & Jefferson #1 — I read a preview of this last year. It’s good and amusing.
  • Essential Power Man and Iron Fist TP– ere’s some Byrne stuff in here that I don’t think I have but I’d probably rather find the individual issues.

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