Amazing Covers– Amazing Heroes #78 by Jim Aparo

Amazing Heroes #78

Jim Aparo was one of the most under-rated Batman artists. This cover was done when the Outsiders split from Batman and moved to Hollywood from Gotham. With a bit better coloring, this could have been a much better cover. Whoever made the unfortunate decision to make Geo Force’s costume green and yellow hopefully never designed the colors to another costume, the background is incredibly blah and I never noticed that Katana’s face was colored yellow. Imagine what kind of outrage that would cause today.

Two of these characters are now in the Justice League and the other two are in the latest incarnation of the Outsiders. But Black Lightning’s afro was much cooler then and Katana’s current costume is fugly. Halo was featured in 52, wasn’t she? I guess we’re just waiting for the return of Looker.

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