Amazing Covers– Amazing Heroes #62 by Jaime Hernandez

There are only two comic magazines that I feel the need to collect back issues of– Amazing Heroes and The Comics Journal. It’s hard to believe that there was once a time that Fantagraphics wrote about and championed mainstream superheroes but this was still in the early days of the direct market when it seemed like anything was possible.

Amazing Heroes #62

Looking back at the covers Amazing Heroes had, each piece was a nice work of art. That’s something AH and TCJ have always done well. In this day of pinup covers on Wizard and sadly CBG, the AH covers were great illustrations. What’s also amazing is that there’s barely a stinker in the bunch; no flash-in-the-pan artist who was only around for a year or two. Most AH cover artists are still working in comics today.

Our first cover up in this weekly series is one of my favorites; from 1985, it’s Jaime Hernandez’s Preview issue cover featuring Hopey, Penny and Maggie reading X-Men, New Teen Titans, Love & Rockets, American Flagg and Mister X. I’ve always loved this cover for its simplicity and relaxedness. It would take me 21 years from when I first got this cover to actually read some Love & Rockets and that was Gilbert’s stuff. I still have Jaime’s stuff in my “to-read” pile.

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